Alan Gottlieb is the owner and sole employee of Write. Edit. Think. LLC, an independent communications consulting firm. He is a Colorado-based writer, editor, journalist, communications consultant, and nonprofit entrepreneur, with 20 years of experience in education policy and education journalism. 

Alan co-founded Chalkbeat, a growing and increasingly prominent national news nonprofit focused on PreK-12 education policy, policy implementation, and practice. Alan founded Chalkbeat’s precursor, Education News Colorado, and served as its publisher from its founding in 2008 until the merger with New York-based GothamSchools that created Chalkbeat in 2013. Under Alan’s leadership, Chalkbeat grew into an organization with more than 20 employees and a budget topping $3 million. 

From 1988-97, Alan was a reporter with The Denver Post. His work focused primarily on urban social issues, including public housing, homelessness, and, from 1995-7, Denver Public Schools. His coverage of DPS earned several regional journalism awards. 

From 1997 until June 2007, Gottlieb served as education program officer at The Piton Foundation in Denver, focusing much of his work on issues of educational equity and socio-economic school integration. 

In 2016, Alan won a Heartland Regional Emmy Award for his part in producing "Standing in the Gap," a four-part documentary examining segregation in Denver Public Schools 20 years after the end of court-ordered busing. Alan covered the end of busing as a beat reporter, and contributed historical context as part of the production team.

Alan is the author of two books. "In the Shadow of the Rockies," 1994, is a slightly jaded look at the inaugural season of Denver's Major League Baseball team. "Ultimate Excursions," 2008, is a darkly picaresque novel about guilt and redemption among Peace Corps Volunteers in South America. Alan served with the Peace Corps in Ecuador in 1980-81.

If you're in search of a savvy communications professional who can help your organization think through challenges, write and/or edit reports, white papers, articles, or case studies, look no further. 




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